Best Decor for Betta Fish: Our Top 8 Picks With Reviews

Decorations for betta tanks come in all shapes, sizes, and styles.

Most betta decorations serve a purpose, such as providing your betta with enrichment or hiding places.

Choosing the right decor is no easy task because there are so many available options.

We reviewed several betta decorations and compiled this list of the top eight items to help you narrow it down.

So, what is our pick for the best decor for betta fish?

Topping our list is the SunGrow Indian Almond Leaves because they provide so many benefits for bettas. Not only are these leaves inexpensive, but they provide calming and healing for your fish as well!

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Our 8 Picks for the Best Decor for Betta Fish

  1. Exo Terra Moss Ball (Best for Water Clarity)
  2. Betta Fish Leaf (Best for Sleeping)
  3. SunGrow Indian Almond Leaves (Best Overall Decoration)
  4. Zoo Med Floating Betta Log (Best for Feeding)
  5. Champion Sports Table Tennis Ball Pack (Best for Playing)
  6. Hygger Betta Log (Best for Hiding)
  7. Zoo Med Floating Exercise Mirror (Best for Mental Stimulation)
  8. SpringSmart Aquarium Hideaway Rock Cave (Best Natural-Looking Decoration)

We Review the Top 8 Decorations for Betta Fish

Exo Terra Moss Ball

Exo Terra Moss Ball
  • Traps phosphate, nitrite, and nitrate
  • Reduces organic matter
  • Works for up to 2 months

The Exo Terra Moss Ball is the best decorative item for water clarity because it absorbs phosphate, nitrite, and nitrate.

A special absorption resin inside the ball also helps reduce organic particles, making the water clearer. Place the Exo Terra Moss Ball in the water, and it starts working right away.

This ball looks like a real moss ball for a natural decoration, and it lasts for up to two months.

Although this product is marketed toward turtle aqua-terrariums, it is safe for bettas.

But you must ensure your betta does not eat it. If you see your betta nibbling on this artificial moss ball, remove it from the tank.

You must also take caution if you have live plants in your betta tank.

Live plants consume nitrates during photosynthesis. If the moss ball absorbs too many nitrates, your plants can starve.

This moss ball works in aquariums between 10 and 20 gallons.

Betta Fish Leaf

Betta Fish Leaf
  • Includes two leaves
  • Strong suction cups
  • Durable and safe

This betta fish leaf set from CousDUoBe is the perfect betta tank decoration for sleeping and resting.

These betta fish leaf hammocks give your fish a place to rest and sleep anywhere in your tank.

Placing a betta fish leaf near the surface provides your betta with a nice resting spot between breathing some fresh air.

If your betta does not like lying on the leaf, it can still get some shade underneath.

I had one of these in my tank; it was my betta’s favorite place to sleep.

Although this betta fish leaf is plastic, it is very soft and will not tear your betta’s fins.

This leaf is easy to install if you remove water from the tank and attach the suction cup to a dry surface. Sticking the leaf to the tank wall underwater may cause it to slide down the tank.

Be sure you rinse the betta fish leaf in a separate container of tank water before using it. This removes any particles from manufacturing and packaging the product.

SunGrow Indian Almond Leaves

SunGrow Indian Almond Leaves
  • Encourages bubble nest building
  • Adds tannins to the water
  • Easy to use

We chose SunGrow’s Indian Almond Leaves as the best betta tank decoration because of their benefits.

Indian almond leaves (also known as Catappa leaves) release tannins, which tint your aquarium water. This tint creates blackwater conditions, much like a betta’s natural environment.

Bettas also use the floating leaves as shelter or for creating bubble nests.

These leaves are natural, so you do not have to worry about harsh chemicals affecting your tank water.

Tannins have antifungal and antibacterial properties, as well. Catappa leaves are often used in the treatment of mild fin rot.

Indian almond leaves are one of the least expensive tank decorations, and they last for up to two months before disintegrating. You only need one medium-sized leaf for a 10-gallon tank.

Let the leaves float on the water surface, or make a concentrated tea with the leaves using hot water.

Check your water parameters when using Indian almond leaves in your betta tank.

Tannins can lower your tank’s pH levels, although the effect is usually minor, depending on the size of your betta tank.

Zoo Med Floating Betta Log

floating betta log
  • Floats
  • Includes a hole for feeding
  • Relieves boredom

Zoo Med’s Floating Betta Log tops our list as the best decoration for feeding.

Placing food in the built-in feeding ring prevents it from scattering on the surface. This helps ensure your betta gets its full meal during feeding time.

If your betta has tank mates, this floating betta log is also a great way to keep your betta’s food separate from the other fish food.

The log is weighted so the same side always faces the top of the tank.

This floating log is also a great betta boredom buster. Your fish will love swimming in and out of the log and might even use it for a napping spot.

Follow the instructions on the package and soak the log for 1-2 days before placing it in your tank.

Some betta fish owners reported issues with the paint peeling off after a long period. Inspect the log before using it and check it monthly to ensure no issues.

Champion Sports Table Tennis Ball Pack

Champion Sports Table Tennis Ball Pack
  • Floating toy
  • Fun colors
  • Durable design

The best play item on our list is the Champion Sports Table Tennis Ball Pack.

Bettas love enrichment activities in their tank. Toys prevent boredom by giving your betta something new to explore.

Since the balls float, your betta will have fun chasing them around on the surface.

This package of ping pong balls includes six balls with fun prints to resemble basketballs, baseballs, and soccer balls.

Clean the balls before putting them in the tank. This prevents introducing any sort of contaminants into your betta’s home.

Betta fish usually love playing with floating toys. But if you notice the toys are stressing your betta, remove them from the tank.

These balls have a seamless design for added durability.

Hygger Betta Log

Hygger Betta Log
  • Made of resin
  • Natural look
  • Great for attaching plants

The Hygger Betta Log takes the top spot as the best decoration for hiding.

It features several holes for your fish to swim in and out of and makes a great betta hideaway.

This log has a realistic design, so it looks great in a betta tank with natural decor.

Although the log is not made to float, you may need a bit of aquarium gravel in the bottom to weigh it down.

There are some precautions you must take before using this item.

Some betta owners have reported the Hygger Betta Log has sharp or rough edges on the inside. These coarse surfaces can tear a betta’s delicate flowy fins.

Reduce the risk of injury to your betta by inspecting the log for rough edges before using it. Going over these rough areas with sandpaper smooths them and makes it safe for your betta.

Large bettas, like King bettas, can get stuck in the smaller holes. Keep an eye on your betta as it plays with the log, and ensure there are no issues.

As always, thoroughly clean the log before using it in your betta tank.

Zoo Med Floating Exercise Mirror

floating exercise mirror
  • Stimulating
  • Provides exercise
  • Easy to use

The Zoo Med Floating Exercise Mirror is the best decorative item for mental stimulation in your betta.

This is a great tool for encouraging your betta’s natural behavior.

A floating ball suspends the mirror in the tank, so you only have to place it in the water.

When bettas see their reflection, they mistake it for another betta. This produces excitement and makes the betta flare its fins.

After removing the mirror, your betta thinks they scared the enemy away and feels accomplished.

Encouraging this natural behavior mimics the conditions of a betta’s natural habitat.

Flaring is a great way for a betta to stretch its fins. The behavior also improves blood circulation and gets your betta moving.

Do not use this mirror for more than five minutes at a time. Flaring for too long can stress your betta and lead to overstimulation.

Shy bettas may swim away from the mirror instead of flaring.

If your betta seems stressed at any time by the mirror, remove it from the tank immediately.

We’ve written in more detail on betta fish and mirrors here if you want to learn more.

SpringSmart Aquarium Hideaway Rock Cave

SpringSmart Aquarium Hideaway Rock Cave
  • Safe ceramic material
  • Realistic appearance
  • Great betta hideaway

SpringSmart’s Aquarium Hideaway Rock Cave gets top marks as the most natural betta tank decoration.

This rock cave is made from non-toxic ceramic, has smooth edges, and is completely safe for your betta fish.

The rock cave also provides a nice surface for beneficial bacteria colonies.

SpringSmart also makes this rock cave in different shapes and sizes. Create a labyrinth of hiding spots for your betta by stacking the caves in different formations.

Large bettas may have difficulty swimming through the holes, so keep this in mind.

Clean the ceramic cave in warm water before using it to remove any residues from the manufacturing process.

What To Look For in Betta Fish Decorations

Betta fish need mental stimulation in their tank.

Bored bettas become lethargic and depressed. Your fish may even lose interest in its food.

These symptoms can lead to other health issues and make your betta susceptible to diseases and infections.

Look for decorations to liven up your betta aquarium in a fun, safe way.

Caves, betta logs, and leaf hammocks give your betta plenty of options for hiding and resting.

Toys are excellent boredom busters for bettas. They also let you interact and bond with your beloved betta buddy. See a list of our favorite toys for bettas here.

Aquatic plants also add some visual interest to your betta’s home.

Bettas are intelligent and curious fish and will inspect anything you put in their tank.

Be careful when adding decorations your betta may see as food. Your fish won’t hesitate at the prospect of getting a tasty treat!

Always thoroughly inspect any betta fish tank decor before using it. Avoid items covered with toxic paint or sharp edges.

What Are Some Tips For Decorating My Betta Tank?

Decorating your betta tank lets you create a stimulating environment for your fish.

Choosing decorations suitable for your betta is also a fun way of unleashing your creativity.

Don’t let decorating your tank stress you out.

Relax and enjoy the decorating process with these helpful tips.

Choose a Theme

Creating a themed environment gives your betta tank a put-together look.

Betta tank decor schemes range from simple and natural to fun and colorful.

The style you choose is completely up to you.

Aquarium plants are a great way to create a natural environment for your betta. Choose from various live and fake plants to simulate your betta’s natural habitat.

If you decide on artificial plants, avoid ones made from plastic. Silk plants are a much safer option because they do not have sharp edges like plastic ones.

Include natural decorations to complete your environment, such as:

  • Pieces of driftwood
  • Indian almond leaves
  • Smooth rocks
  • Coconut caves
  • Betta logs

An aquarium driftwood sculpture is an excellent focal point and great for attaching plants like java moss and anubias.

Driftwood releases the same tannins as Indian almond leaves, creating a blackwater environment.

Choose decorations like a skull-shaped betta fish hideout or an LED air bubbler for a more fun and colorful environment.

Brightly-colored gravel creates a vivid landscape for your decorations.

Artificial aquarium plants are another way to add pops of color to your betta tank. Mix them in with live aquatic plants to fill in your aquascape.

Change What Doesn’t Work

Whatever decorations you choose for your betta tank, remember they are not permanent.

If something isn’t working for you or your betta, don’t hesitate to change it.

Rearranging your betta tank occasionally is also a great way of refreshing your betta’s environment. Moving things around provides new places for exploration.

Safety First!

You must always provide a safe environment for your betta.

Do a close inspection of every decoration before you put it in your betta tank.

Cleaning your items in dechlorinated water is also important. This washes away any chemical residues or dust particles.

Sand away any rough edges on your decorations, and avoid those with pointy edges.

Ensure painted items do not chip or peel. Paint flakes can release harmful chemicals into your tank water over time.

Avoid overcrowding your betta tank with too many decorations. An overcrowded tank increases the risk of injury to your betta and makes cleaning the aquarium difficult.

A Closer Look at Our Top Picks for the Best Decor for Bettas

In our opinion, the best betta tank decoration is SunGrow’s Indian Almond Leaves because of their many benefits. These Indian almond leaves won’t break your budget and they create a healthy environment for you betta.

When adding enrichment activities, look no further than Zoo Med’s Floating Exercise Mirror. This mirror triggers your betta’s natural instincts and provides healthy mental stimulation.

For an all-natural decoration, the SpringSmart Aquarium Hideaway Rock Cave is the best choice. It gives your betta a safe and functional hiding spot while blending in with your decor.

Frequently Asked Questions About Betta Fish Decor

What do betta fish like to play with?

Betta’ love playing with floating toys and can even learn some tricks if you’re patient. These intelligent fish can jump through hoops and push plastic balls around with some training.

Your betta also appreciates having a variety of hiding spots in its tank. Hiding places make bettas feel more secure, which reduces their stress levels.

When they aren’t playing, bettas like resting and napping in leaf hammocks and cozy caves.

What not to put in a betta fish tank?

Never place objects with sharp edges or coarse textures in your betta tank.

Bettas have long, delicate fins, which can tear if your betta snags them on rough surfaces. Torn fins are more susceptible to fin rot.

Sharp objects can cause wounds in your betta’s body, leaving it prone to bacterial and fungal infections.

Be careful when using decorations with painted surfaces. If the paint chips off, it can release harmful toxins and make your betta sick.

Small particles from decorations can lower the water quality in your betta tank. Always rinse decorative objects in hot water before using them to remove these particles.

What makes betta fish happy?

Betta fish are happiest in a peaceful environment with enriching activities.

Live plants and tannins mimic your betta’s natural habitat and give your betta a sense of security.

Above all, providing your betta with clean water and a nutritious, balanced diet keeps your betta healthy and happy.

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