How We Review Products

review guidelines for betta fish bay

Here at Betta Fish Bay, we review fishkeeping products suitable for betta fish and understand the level of responsibility behind it.

You want your betta fish to live a long and healthy life. They’re likely even considered a member of your family. Their well-being is crucial for you and us both.

That’s why we hold ourselves to the highest of standards anytime we make recommendations. We thought you might like to know how we select the products you find in our guides.

Do we purchase every product?

The first thing we try to do is get our hands physically on every product. We can’t do this for everything, but we do this as much as possible.

So how do we review something that we can’t purchase ourselves?

Here’s what we do:

This is everything we look at before featuring a product on our pages.

Thoroughly Sift Through User Reviews

If a brand wanted to select a flawless product to send us for review, it would be too easy to ensure we’re getting the best of the best.

We believe it’s often best to follow “the wisdom of others” to determine the quality of a particular brand’s products.

We sift through positive and negative reviews about all products we recommend.

We’ll go as far as to reach out to these customers for deeper research to understand what experiences they had and get their experience across in our content.

Positive review example
Example of a problem we would include if it’s consistent among the reviews

Brand History & Product Line

A brand’s history is an often overlooked aspect before people buy something unless it’s a major brand. But just like major brands, the medium and small companies in the fishkeeping industry should be monitored.

We dig through a company’s history extensively to assess risks for you.

Here are a few things we look at when considering a product or brand:

  • Brand & product line recall history
  • Manufacturing plants and their recall history
  • Manufacturing location
  • Company affiliations
  • Any name changes to “hide” the past
  • Change of ownership, recipes, or manufacturing processes

Seek Veterinary Approval & Scrutinize the Info

Anytime we’re reviewing a product, we ensure it’s optimal for betta fish by following all the best practices for betta fish care. Additionally, we have content reviewed by a veterinarian member of our team anytime we need a definitive answer that may not be clear.

This is how we ensure all products you find in our buying guides are suitable for your betta fish.

Put Marketing Claims Under A Microscope

Brands love to make claims that can sometimes seem too good to be true. They have their own best interest in mind, and even if they are telling the truth, we’re going to make sure of it.

We review their marketing material to debunk any points they make that end up being a stretch of the truth or flat-out wrong to ensure your betta fish is getting the best.

Finding Value for Every Budget

There are fishkeeping products across a wide range of price points, and we want to include the best options suitable for a wide range of budgets.

We try to include a budget option, a value option, and a premium option. We also try to cover specialty products that have a unique value proposition.

We Listen to Your Feedback

All of our content has a rating system at the end where you can let us know if you enjoyed the content and found it helpful or if you didn’t and want to leave us feedback.

Every few months, we review all the feedback we receive and make updates based on what YOU told us could be improved.

What we Don’t do:

Things you will NEVER find on Betta Fish Bay.

Sponsorship fees

Many brands are willing to pay good money to be featured higher in our reviews, but we refuse these offers. It’s our responsibility to feature the best product for you because your pet betta fish is more important than money.

publishing without thorough research

Every article we publish goes through a research process, and we don’t make recommendations we cannot stand by. Anything you’re reading on our site, you can be assured it’s been thoroughly researched, been through the points above, and that you can trust our advice.

going against veterinarian advice

While some people think it’s trendy to go against the grain and defy health organizations and disregard the advice of veterinary professionals because they think they know better, WE DO NOT.

If a vet tells us they wouldn’t use a product or do certain things for a betta fish, we adhere to their advice, and those things won’t be found on our site.

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