Best Betta Fish Tank: Our Top 8 Picks With Reviews & FAQs

Choosing the best aquarium for your betta is an important decision. After all, it is your betta’s home!

Providing a safe and comfortable environment keeps your betta healthy and happy.

Aquariums come in many different shapes and sizes. Some are more suitable for your betta than others.

We put together a list of the top eight betta tanks, complete with reviews and details about each one.

So, what is our top choice of betta tank?

The Aqueon Fish Tank Starter Kit is our pick for the best betta fish tank. This kit includes everything you need with high-quality components at an affordable price.

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Our Picks for the 8 Best Betta Fish Tanks

  1. Fluval Spec V Aquarium Kit, 5-Gallon (Best Kit for Plants)
  2. Fluval Edge 2.0, 6-Gallon (Best for Viewing)
  3. Fluval Flex Aquarium Kit, 15-Gallon (Best Bowfront Aquarium)
  4. Fluval Chi II, 5-Gallon (Best for Small Spaces)
  5. Aqueon Fish Tank Starter Kit, 10-Gallon (Best Overall)
  6. Lifeguard Aquatics Rimless Aquarium, 10-Gallon (Best Rimless Aquarium)
  7. Marina LED Aquarium Kit, 5-Gallon (Best For Beginners)
  8. Tetra Fish Tank Kit, 20-Gallon (Best Value)

Our Reviews for the 8 Best Betta Fish Tanks

Fluval Spec V Aquarium Kit, 5-Gallon

Fluval Spec V Aquarium Kit 5-Gallon
  • 37-LED lighting system
  • 3-stage filtration system
  • Aluminum trim design

The Fluval Spec V Aquarium Kit is our pick for the best kit for plants.

A built-in overhead LED light has 37 bulbs with a total output of 7,000 kelvins. This lighting system spans the length of the tank and provides ample light for a variety of aquatic plants.

Activate day and night cycles with a unique touch switch on the light bar.

The 3-stage filtration system includes foam, carbon, and biological media.

For bettas, the current produced by the powerful pump is too strong. Attach a sponge to the filter output nozzle for a more gentle flow.

An elongated design sets this 5-gallon tank apart from others of the same size. The longer length gives a betta more swimming space.

But the narrower width can make aquascaping a challenge.

The Fluval Spec V Aquarium also includes a clear plastic lid with a large cutout for feeding.


  • Material: Glass
  • Dimensions: 17.2″ x 6.3″ x 10.6″ inches
  • Shape: Rectangle (long)
  • Tank Volume: 5 gallons
  • Weight: 15.5 pounds
  • Special Features: Lightweight, long design

Fluval Edge 2.0, 6-Gallon

fluval edge 2.0
  • Integrated 6,000 kelvin LEDs
  • Enclosed design
  • Multi-step adjustable filter

The Fluval Edge 2.0 is the best betta tank for viewing your fish and plants.

With an integrated glass top, you have open views of your betta and plants from almost any direction.

A pedestal base elevates the aquarium for a sleek, modern look.

The glass top includes a multi-stage filter with a large feeding door. A ventilation grill helps prevent moisture buildup and dissipates heat.

Remove the filter housing for access to the inside of the tank.

Hidden compartments behind the filter conceal electrical cords from the lighting and filtration components.

While this tank has a unique, modern design, there are a couple of downsides.

Many owners complain about the small access hole in the top. This small opening makes decorating and cleaning the tank difficult.

Another common complaint is about the brightness of the LED lights. The lighting does not cover the entire tank and is only suitable for low-light plants.

When using the tank with a betta fish, you must not fill it to the very top.

Bettas swim to the surface and breathe air through their labyrinth organ. In this enclosed tank, bettas have limited access to fresh air.

Leave at least 1″ inch of space at the top of the tank so your betta can come up for air.


  • Material: Glass
  • Dimensions: 17.32″ x 21.26″ x 15.75″ inches, including base
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Tank Volume: 6 gallons
  • Weight: 19 pounds
  • Special Features: Integrated glass top, pedestal base

Fluval Flex Aquarium Kit, 15-Gallon

Fluval Flex Aquarium Kit 15-Gallon
  • Curved front design
  • LED lighting with special effects
  • 3-stage filtration system

Fluval’s 15-gallon Flex Aquarium Kit is our top choice for the best bowfront tank for bettas.

The curved front gives this tank aesthetic appeal and sets it apart from the rest.

A honeycomb design wrap on the top and rear sides hides the water line and filter components.

The 3-stage filter includes foam, carbon, and biological media for healthy water parameters. Multi-directional dual outputs on the filter let you control the water flow.

There is enough space in the filter compartment for an aquarium heater.

One of the most outstanding features of this aquarium is the built-in LED lighting system.

White and RGB LED lights provide 7,500K of illumination.

Change the colors and modes to suit your betta with the touch of a remote. Special effects include fading cloud cover, lightning storms, and a full-color cycle.

The aquarium lights are bright enough for healthy growth in a variety of aquatic plants. Plants like Anubias, Java Fern, and Cryptocoryne can thrive in this tank.

A cutout on the lid provides access for feeding. But without a cover on the feeding hole, your betta can jump out.

Some users prevent this by placing a mesh screen over the feeding hole.

This Fluval Flex Aquarium provides adequate swimming space for your betta while maintaining a compact design.


  • Material: Glass
  • Dimensions: 15.94″ x 16.73″ x 15.94″ inches
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Tank Volume: 15 gallons
  • Weight: 28.04 pounds
  • Special Features: Bowfront, full-spectrum LEDs with special lighting effects

Fluval Chi II, 5-Gallon

Fluval Chi II
  • Top-mounted fountain
  • Inspired by Feng Shui
  • Mimics natural light

The Fluval Chi II aquarium is the best betta tank for small spaces. Its portrait design makes it taller than it is wide.

This portrait design gives the tank a smaller footprint.

Inspired by Feng Shui, the filtration output comes out of a waterfall on top of the tank. The sound of trickling water creates a soothing sound effect.

There are also LED lights in the waterfall fountain and 17 LEDs underneath.

Fluval also sells decorative ornaments for the fountain. These ornaments create a different look for your tank without disturbing the filter output flow.

With an output of 7,600 kelvins, the LED lights mimic natural sunlight.

Fluval’s Chi II has a contemporary design, and the waterfall fountain on top adds visual appeal.

But there is an issue when keeping a betta in a tall tank like this one.

Bettas with long fins have a difficult time swimming. Swimming to the surface for air in a tall tank is a challenge for a betta.

If you choose this tall tank for your betta, provide plants or other perches where the fish can rest on its way to the top.

Since the LED lights are under the water, floating plants are not ideal for this tank.

Water evaporation is also an issue because of the continuous water flow from the fountain.


  • Material: Glass
  • Dimensions: 10″ x 10″ x 14.4″ inches
  • Shape: Rectangle (tall)
  • Tank Volume: 5 gallons
  • Weight: 16 pounds
  • Special Features: Waterfall filter output with LEDs, portrait design

Aqueon Fish Tank Starter Kit, 10-Gallon

Aqueon Fish Tank Starter Kit (1)
  • Low-profile hood with built-in LED lighting
  • QuietFlow power filter
  • Included starter accessories

Aqueon’s 10-gallon Fish Tank Starter Kit is our top choice for the best overall betta tank. This kit includes a filter, heater, and other accessories needed for setting up your betta’s new home.

The energy-saving low-profile hood has built-in LED lighting and a convenient feeding door. Multiple cut-outs mean you don’t have to worry if additional aquarium accessories are compatible with the hood.

A QuietFlow filter provides 5-stage filtration with an LED light, so you know when it’s time to change your filter cartridges.

The submersible heater has a preset temperature of 78° degrees Fahrenheit (26° C). It is also shatter-resistant and has an automatic safety shut-off.

This kit also includes:

  • Setup guide
  • Fish food samples
  • Water conditioner samples
  • Small fish net
  • Stick-on thermometer

Unlike some fish tank kits, the included filter and heater are high-quality components.

Most users report the filter is quiet and the heater maintains a stable water temperature.

You may consider upgrading the thermometer, as stick-on thermometers are inaccurate.

This tank gives your betta plenty of room for swimming and gives your more options for adding plants and other decorations.


  • Material: Glass
  • Dimensions: 20.25″ x 10.5″ x 13.31″ inches
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Tank Volume: 10 gallons
  • Weight: 17.5 pounds
  • Special Features: Low-profile hood, complete starter kit

Lifeguard Aquatics Rimless Aquarium, 10-Gallon

Lifeguard Aquatics Rimless Aquarium
  • Rimless design
  • Clear silicone edges
  • Foam leveling mat included

The Lifeguard Aquatics 10-gallon Rimless Aquarium is our top choice for the best rimless tank for a betta.

Rimless tanks have a modern design without any braces or upper frames.

Finding a suitable filter for this tank is a bit of a challenge since there is no upper frame. Look for hang-on-back filters designed for rimless aquariums.

The Lifeguard Aquatics rimless aquarium also does not come with a lid. This creates a problem for owners of fiesty betta fish who may jump out of the tank.

Retailers sell glass lids for these tanks in a variety of sizes. Ensure you order the correct size by measuring the top of your tank to the closest millimeter.

An included black foam mat helps protect the base of this aquarium and keeps it level. The mat also helps the aquarium retain heat.


  • Material: Glass
  • Dimensions: 20.07″ x 9.84″ x 12.6″ inches
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Tank Volume: 10 gallons
  • Weight: 22 pounds
  • Special Features: Rimless design

Marina LED Aquarium Kit, 5-Gallon

Marina LED Aquarium Kit
  • Filter with quick-change cartridges
  • Hinged lid
  • Integrated LEDs

Marina’s 5-gallon LED Aquarium Kit is the best betta tank for beginners. It includes a quality filter with quick-change cartridges and other accessories needed for a fish tank setup.

Not included with this tank are a heater, substrate, and decorations. A heater is necessary for bettas because these tropical fish need warm water temperatures between 78-80 ° degrees Fahrenheit (25.5-27° C).

An energy-efficient LED light in the hood provides a natural daylight effect for your betta and plants.

The hinged lid makes water changes and cleaning more convenient.

This aquarium kit includes a biological supplement for jump-starting the nitrogen cycle.

Also included are a setup guide, a small fish net with soft mesh for delicate fins, and a sample of water conditioner.

The 5-gallon tank provides plenty of space for your betta and works well in small spaces.


  • Material: Glass
  • Dimensions: 21.8″ x 14″ x 18.8″ inches
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Tank Volume: 5 gallons
  • Weight: 10.03 pounds
  • Special Features: Hinged lid, included biological supplement, integrated LED lights

Tetra Fish Tank Kit, 20-Gallon

Tetra Fish Tank Kit
  • Built-in LED lights
  • Quiet filter
  • Includes a heater

The Tetra 20-gallon Fish Tank Kit offers the best value in a betta tank. This larger aquarium includes a filter, heater, and other startup accessories at a very affordable price.

Tetra’s fish tank kit includes the following:

  • Tetra Whisper 20 Filter
  • Tetra HT 20 Heater
  • Artificial boxwood plant mat
  • 4 artificial plants
  • Water conditioner packet
  • Setup and care guide
  • Small fish net
  • Stick-on thermometer

The hinged hood has slots for the included LED lights. There are also perforated cutouts on the hood for placing the filter and other components.

Tetra’s Whisper 20 Filter has an adjustable flow setting for creating a gentle current for your betta. It also features a self-priming motor and a special grid for biological bacteria colonization.

Silicon carbide crystals within the submersible heater improve heat distribution. This heater maintains a preset temperature of 78° degrees Fahrenheit (26° C).

The included plants may contain sharp edges and are not suitable for your betta’s delicate fins. Choose silk plants or live aquatic plants instead.

I also recommend replacing the thermometer because the stick-on type included in this kit is usually unreliable.

This tank’s 20-gallon capacity gives your betta fish plenty of space for swimming and exploring. Its larger size also makes this tank suitable for adding tank mates with your betta.


  • Material: Glass
  • Dimensions: 27.88″ x 16.13″ x 20.38″ inches
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Tank Volume: 20 gallons
  • Weight: 34.16 pounds
  • Special Features: Includes lights, filter, and heater; Affordable price

How To Choose the Best Tank for Your Betta Fish

There are several factors you must consider when choosing the best tank for your betta.

Bettas have specific needs for their living arrangements.

Providing your betta with an ideal environment plays an important role in its health and happiness.

Size and Shape

The size and shape of your betta’s tank are important.

Many commercial pet stores market small fish bowls and vases as suitable betta homes. But placing your betta in such a small space is a death sentence for your fish.

Never place your betta in any aquarium less than 5 gallons.

Once you find a large enough tank for your betta, you must also consider its shape. Aquariums come in all shapes and sizes, from the traditional rectangle to bowfront and hexagon designs.

Bettas are not strong swimmers because of their long, flowy fins. These fish need access to the surface for breathing air through their labyrinth organ.

Because of this, tall portrait-style tanks are not ideal for bettas. If you choose a tall tank for your betta, you must place several perches at different heights so your betta can rest.

Traditional rectangle or long tanks are the best options for bettas. These tanks provide plenty of swimming space while being shallow enough for your betta.


Next, you must choose between an acrylic or glass tank. There are pros and cons for each type of material.

Glass is scratch-resistant and maintains its clarity over time. While glass is heavier than acrylic, this does not become an issue in smaller tanks.

Some glass used in fish tanks has a greenish tint. For a crystal-clear view of your betta, consider a tank with low-iron glass.

Low-iron glass is more expensive than regular glass. But it provides exceptional clarity compared to regular glass.

Acrylic is much lighter than glass and is just as durable. It is not scratch-resistant, though.

Something as simple as gravel rubbing against acrylic can leave your aquarium with a hazy appearance.

Rimless or Braced?

Rimless aquariums provide optimum viewing of your fish because there are not any braces or trims in the way.

The durability of a rimless tank depends on the quality of its construction. Since rimless tanks rely on silicone for seamless edges, they can leak if not built well.

Braced tanks are more common and have metal or plastic supporting the sides of the tank.

A braced tank may also leak due to poor construction. But it is less prone to bowing over time because of the extra support from the bracing.


Finally, you must consider the overall cost of your betta tank.

The expense of setting up a betta tank can add up before you realize it.

Check if the tank you’re interested in comes with additional accessories like a filter or heater.

All-in-one aquarium kits can save you money if they contain the right components.

But don’t shy away from a bare-bones tank if it suits your betta fish. Quality filters and heaters are usually inexpensive when bought separately from the tank.

Also consider the price of other accessories, such as:

  • Substrate
  • Lights
  • Decorations/Plants
  • Water conditioner
  • Gravel vacuum
  • Buckets for water changes

Are All-in-One Aquarium Kits Worth the Price?

All-in-one aquarium kits are worth the price as long as they contain quality components.

Many aquarium kits include faulty filters or heaters. This means you end up spending more money later on replacements.

Not all aquarium kits include faulty products.

Research the individual components of an aquarium kit and read reviews about their durability.

If the filter and heater for an aquarium kit have good reviews, it is likely a good purchase for the aquarium kit.

Some aquarium starter kits also include accessories like a water conditioner, fish food, a thermometer, and a small net.

The fish food is usually not meant for bettas.

Thermometers in these kits are usually the stick-on type, which is unreliable. You are better off investing in a quality submersible thermometer for more accurate temperature readings.

If your kit does not include these small items, do not worry. These items are inexpensive and available in most pet stores.

Our Favorite Choices for the Best Betta Fish Tanks

The Aqueon 10-gallon Fish Tank Kit is our top choice for the best betta tank. This kit includes high-quality components for a complete betta tank setup at an affordable price.

If you want something unique, the Fluval Flex Aquarium Kit fits the bill. With its bowfront design and remote-controlled lighting effects, this tank really stands out.

Marina’s 5-gallon LED Aquarium Kit is our top choice for beginners because of its quality components and easy setup. The included biological supplement lets you establish a nitrogen cycle faster than traditional methods.

Frequently Asked Questions About Betta Fish Tanks

Is a long or tall tank better for betta fish?

A long tank is much better for a betta than a tall tank.

Wild bettas live in shallow waters and swim to the surface for fresh air. This behavior is a natural instinct for domestic bettas as well.

Bettas are excellent horizontal swimmers, but vertical swimming is a challenge.

Tall tanks make swimming to the surface difficult for bettas with long fins.
If you have a choice, pick a long tank over a tall one.

Can a tank be too big for a betta?

There is no such thing as a tank too large for a betta fish.

As long as the tank is not too deep, your betta can thrive in the extra space.

Not only does a large tank provide additional swimming space, but it offers more options for aquatic plants and tank mates.

Why do bettas need at least 5-gallon tanks?

Tanks smaller than 5 gallons are not suitable for bettas for several reasons.

Would you want to live in a dirty, cramped space? Neither would your betta.

Small tanks suffer from poor water conditions and do not provide enough swimming space for a betta.

You need at least a 5-gallon tank to establish a nitrogen cycle.

A betta also needs enough room for swimming, so it can thrive and stay healthy. A small aquarium does not provide a good quality of life for a betta.

How many bettas can you have in a 10-gallon tank?

Only place one betta in a 10-gallon tank.

Male bettas cannot live together due to their aggressive nature. Likewise, a 10-gallon tank is too small for a female betta sorority.

Betta sororities need at least a 20-gallon tank. A larger tank prevents territorial behavior among the female bettas.

But a 10-gallon tank is suitable for adding small tank mates with your betta.

A general rule of thumb is 1″ inch of fish per 1 gallon of water.

The best tank mates for a 10-gallon betta tank include:

– Mystery snails
– Ghost shrimp
– Amano shrimp
– Otocinclus
– Plecostomus

Do not overcrowd your betta tank, and watch for aggressive behavior.

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