Best Toys for Betta Fish: Our Top 12 Picks for Playtime!

Toys and decorations add enrichment activities to your betta’s tank environment.

These curious fish enjoy playing and exploring. Staying active with fun activities keeps bettas happy and healthy.

We rounded up the 12 best toys for bettas to help your fish live its best life.

So, what is our number one choice?

We chose the ALEGI Ceramic Betta Log as the best toy for betta fish. This betta log is made from smooth ceramic to keep your betta safe while providing hours of entertainment.

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Top 12 Best Toys for Betta Fish

  1. ALEGI Ceramic Betta Log (Best Hiding Spot)
  2. Natural Ceramic Mushroom House (Best For Small Tanks)
  3. Aquarium Plant Holder with Suction Cups (Best Live Plant Toy)
  4. TOPBRY Aquarium Bubble LED Lights (Best for Oxygenating Water)
  5. SunGrow Catappa Leaf Betta Hammock (Best for Resting)
  6. Marina Betta Sandy Twister (Best Hoop Toy)
  7. Lee’s 4-Way Cone Worm Feeder (Best for Live Food)
  8. Marimo Moss Balls (Best Ball Toy)
  9. Zoo Med Floating Betta Exercise Mirror (Best Overall Toy)
  10. SunGrow Betta Feeding Ring (Best for Pellet Food)
  11. SunGrow Coconut Cave (Best Natural Toy)
  12. Laser Pointer (Best for Exercise)

Reviews for the 12 Best Toys for Betta Fish

ALEGI Ceramic Betta Log

ALEGI Ceramic Betta Log
  • Ceramic material
  • Five openings
  • Stable flat base

The ALEGI Ceramic Betta Log is our choice for the best hiding spot because it works well for bettas of all ages.

Active bettas enjoy swimming through the many holes. Older, less active bettas use the log as a secure hiding spot for resting.

Ceramic material gives this betta log a natural look compared to resin logs. It is unpainted, so you do not have to worry about harmful chemicals leaching into the water column.

Unlike other logs made from resin, the weight of the ceramic prevents the log from floating. A smooth, flat base keeps it stable on the substrate.

Some betta owners complain about a rough surface on the ceramic inside of the log. This is not uncommon with items made from ceramic.

A bit of sanding fixes the issue and makes the surface smooth again.

This betta log fits well in small and medium betta tanks.

Natural Ceramic Mushroom House

Natural Ceramic Mushroom House
  • Natural ceramic
  • Unpainted
  • Small size

The Natural Ceramic Mushroom House is the perfect size for smaller tanks.

Made of unpainted ceramic with rounded edges, this adorable mushroom house is completely safe for betta fish.

Due to the natural texture of ceramic, some areas may need sanding for a smoother surface.

This small mushroom gives your tank a touch of whimsy and blends well with a natural decor.

It also provides your betta with a cozy hiding spot.

Add a pop of color by growing some java moss on the roof.

Aquarium Plant Holder with Suction Cups

Aquarium Plant Holder with Suction Cups
  • Strong suction cups
  • Smooth edges
  • Set of 4

This small aquarium plant holder is our pick for the best live plant toy.

Live plants act as natural filters by consuming nitrates and releasing oxygen. Having lots of plants in your betta tank helps maintain good water quality and creates a more natural environment.

Small glass pots attach to your tank walls with suction cups, allowing you to grow plants at different levels in your tank.

These glass pots are excellent for growing aquatic plants like anubias and bucephalandra. They also allow small plants to get adequate lighting.

Bettas can enjoy hiding and playing in the plant leaves near the top of the tank.

These glass pots have smooth edges, so they will not harm your betta. They are also angled so your plants get more light.

Small holes in the bottoms of the pots allow for water circulation and prevent the roots from rotting.

The plant pots come in a set of four and are suitable for aquarium sizes of 10 gallons or more.

TOPBRY Aquarium Bubble LED Lights

TOPBRY Aquarium Bubble LED Lights
  • 16 color modes
  • 4 lighting modes
  • Remote control

TOPBRY’s Aquarium Bubble LED Lights are the best betta toy for oxygenating the tank water.

Attach the base to a small air pump and watch the bubbles rise in your aquarium. These bubbles oxygenate the water and entertain your betta for hours.

Eleven LEDs create a light show with 16 color modes, 4 lighting modes, and 7 brightness modes.

The included remote makes choosing the colors easy, and there is also a manual switch on the cord.

Bettas enjoy swimming through the bubbles, and the LED lights create more visual interest in your tank.

A fully enclosed base prevents water from damaging the components inside.

An air pump is not included but is not a large added expense. Choose an air pump with an adjustable airflow so the bubbles do not create a strong current for your betta.

SunGrow Catappa Leaf Betta Hammock

SunGrow Catappa Leaf Betta Hammock
  • Easy to use
  • Heavy-duty suction cups
  • Multi-purpose

The SunGrow Catappa Leaf Betta Hammock is our top pick for the best resting spot for bettas.

Bettas are not strong swimmers, but they like going to the water’s surface and breathing fresh air through their labyrinth organs.

Unlike traditional plastic leaf hammocks, this product holds real Catappa leaves.

Catappa leaves, more commonly known as Indian almond leaves, benefit betta fish. These leaves have antibacterial and antifungal properties, releasing healthy tannins into the water.

Assemble the betta leaf hammock by rolling a Catappa leaf and placing it in the round holder. Stick the suction cup to the wall of your tank, and you’re done!

Bettas love resting on leaf hammocks near the surface. Two Catappa leaf holders come in this set, but it does not include the leaves themselves.

Catappa leaves are available online and in most fish stores for a low price.

The leaf holders also have other purposes. Use them for organizing airline tubing or elaborate tank decorations.

Marina Betta Sandy Twister

Marina Betta Sandy Twister
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Encourages play

Marina’s Betta Sandy Twister is the best hoop toy, and bettas love swimming through it.

The durable material is aquarium safe, and the rounded edges won’t injure your betta.

Large top and bottom loops encourage playful bettas. The bottom is also a nice resting spot.

This toy is unpainted for a more natural look, so there is no worry about paint peeling off.

One complaint about this item is the back is flat instead of decorated like the front. The back also has a more rough texture.

Before placing it in your tank, smooth any rough spots with some fine sandpaper.

Lee’s 4-Way Cone Worm Feeder

Lee's 4-Way Cone Worm Feeder
  • Includes 3 cones
  • Flexible, durable plastic
  • Can float or attach to the tank

Lee’s 4-Way Cone Worm Feeder is the best toy for giving your betta live foods like blood worms and daphnia.

Live foods provide a varied diet, so your betta gets extra nutrients not found in most pellet foods. A varied diet also prevents your betta from getting bored with its meals.

Attach the cone to the tank wall with the suction cups, or let it float in the water.

These small cones prevent live foods from getting sucked into the filter or sinking to the bottom before your betta eats them.

Using these feeding cones creates less of a mess and lets your betta know it’s time for treats.

The cones can hold small blood worms, daphnia, and mosquito larvae. We do not recommend using frozen foods because they do not fit well in the cones.

Marimo Moss Balls

Marimo Moss Balls
  • Generates oxygen
  • Removes nitrates
  • Fun for bettas

Marimo moss balls are the best ball toy for bettas because they help keep your aquarium water clean.

Unlike plastic ping-pong balls, Marimo moss balls remove nitrates and release oxygen into the water.

Curious bettas enjoy nibbling and pushing these moss balls around the tank.

Soak the moss balls in water before placing them in your betta tank. Soaking rehydrates the moss balls and prevents them from floating to the top of the tank.

You may cut the moss balls in half to grow more, but keep in mind they have slow growth. These moss balls are around 5-6 years old.

If you grow your own Marimo moss balls, place them in spherical plastic cages so they do not lose their round shape.

Zoo Med Floating Betta Exercise Mirror

floating betta mirror
  • Encourages natural behaviors
  • Easy to use
  • Provides mental stimulation

Zoo Med’s Floating Betta Exercise Mirror is the best overall betta toy because it provides your betta with several benefits.

When bettas see their mirror image, they mistake it for another betta. Due to their territorial behavior, they flare their fins and gills.

Bettas use this flaring technique so they seem larger than potential predators.

Flaring increases a betta’s blood flow, improving circulation.

After removing the mirror, your betta thinks he scared the predator away. This sense of accomplishment provides your betta with mental stimulation.

This mirror floats in the water and is easy to use. But do not use the exercise mirror for more than five minutes at one time.

While this behavior is healthy for your betta, it can overstimulate your fish and cause stress.

Always clean the mirror in hot water before and after using it. This avoids introducing harmful bacteria into your aquarium water.

SunGrow Betta Feeding Ring

SunGrow Betta Feeding Ring
  • Reduces leftover food
  • Avoids bullying
  • Keeps the water cleaner

The SunGrow Betta Feeding Ring is the best toy for feeding your betta pellet foods.

Feeding rings keep your betta’s pellet foods in one area and prevent them from getting scattered by the current or pulled into the filter.

Less food floating around the tank means cleaner water and stable water parameters.

These rings are especially useful in betta community tanks. They help keep your betta occupied with its food in one area while you feed the other fish in the tank.

SunGrow’s Betta Feeding Ring set comes with two rings. One is circular, and the other is rectangular.

The rings both work the same way, but the rectangular one is larger.

Strong suction cups attach the feeding ring to your tank and keep it in place.

A feeding ring does not work with sinking pellets, as there is no way to keep the food inside of the ring.

SunGrow Coconut Cave

SunGrow Coconut Cave
  • Made from a real coconut
  • Smooth edges
  • Roomy interior

The SunGrow Coconut Cave is our top choice for the best natural betta toy.

Coconut caves provide a roomy hiding spot so your betta feels more secure.

Since the cave is made from a real coconut shell, there are no worries about harmful chemicals or peeling paint.

This coconut cave has smooth edges, so it won’t tear your betta’s long fins.

Your coconut cave may have a hole in the top because it is from a real coconut. If your betta is larger than the hole, it can get stuck.

Cover the hole with a small stone or a plant before placing the cave in your aquarium.

Before using the coconut cave, you must soak it in boiling water. The boiling water removes the tannins and sterilizes the shell.

Boil your coconut cave for at least 10 minutes and repeat until the water is clear.

After boiling the cave, soak it in fresh water for around an hour.

Once you complete this process, your coconut cave is ready for use.

Laser Pointer

laser pointer
  • Rechargeable
  • Durable stainless steel
  • 3 color modes

A laser pointer is the best betta toy for proper exercise.

This one is rechargeable with a USB cable, so you don’t have to worry about keeping a stock of those tiny batteries around.

The light turns on with a switch instead of a button, making it easy on your thumb.

Much like cats, bettas love chasing laser lights around in their tank, and they get the valuable exercise they need.

This laser toy comes with three light modes and five different patterns.

You must use caution when playing with laser toys around your betta.

Never point the laser light in your betta’s eyes. The light from laser toys can cause blindness in your better.

Also, be aware of the light refraction when shining the laser through the aquarium glass.

Do not use the laser light with your betta for long periods. Limit your laser playtime to five minutes or less.

Any longer than this, and your betta may get overstimulated.

When used correctly, laser toys are a fun way to play with your betta.

How To Choose Betta Fish Toys

When choosing betta toys, you must keep your fish’s safety in mind.

Avoid decorative items or toys with sharp points or rough edges. Sharp points and coarse textures can tear your betta’s long, delicate fins.

The plastic edges of fake plants are also a hazard. Choose silk plants instead, as they do not have sharp edges.

Small holes are another common issue in some betta fish toys. Your betta can get stuck in a small hole and die if you are unaware of the situation.

Painted toys pose a risk because the paint can chip or flake off. If your betta eats any of this toxic paint, it can get sick.

Look for non-toxic items labeled as waterproof or aquarium safe. This is important because not all decorative items and toys are safe for your betta tank.

Choose toys made from natural items whenever possible. Items like coconut caves and Marimo moss balls are great examples of natural toys.

Always inspect your betta’s toys for rough edges and other hazards before placing them in the tank.

Pay attention to your betta’s behavior. If your betta is inactive, it likely prefers a resting toy.

Likewise, an active betta will enjoy an exercise toy.

Do Betta Fish Need Toys?

Despite popular belief, betta fish do need toys in their aquarium.

Wild bettas live in an environment full of visual stimulation. They can explore lush plants and driftwood or hunt for insect prey like small bugs and mosquito larvae.

Captive bettas do not have this endless variety of interesting objects.

Without enrichment activities, bettas get bored and stressed.

Providing your betta fish with toys keeps them mentally stimulated and engaged.

Toys also give your betta a sense of comfort and security.

The close interactions also let you form a closer bond with your betta buddy.

How Do I Know if My Betta Is Bored?

A bored betta exhibits behavioral changes similar to a sick betta.

There are a few noticeable signs of boredom you must be aware of.


Older bettas may spend much time resting or napping during the day. This is normal for bettas over three years old.

If your normally active fish stops swimming around as much and spends more time resting, it is probably bored.

Proper exercise is crucial for your betta’s health. Without the valuable exercise they need, bettas become obese or bloated.

These conditions lead to other illnesses if you do not take action.

Loss of Appetite

Another common sign of boredom in bettas is a loss of appetite.

These greedy fish hardly ever refuse their food.

A sudden lack of appetite is usually seen in lethargic bettas because they do not burn enough energy to get hungry.

Tail Biting

When bettas get bored, they also become stressed.

This stress can cause your betta to bite its tail out of frustration.

Tail biting can leave your betta prone to infections like fin rot. The habit is hard to break in bettas.

Distracting your betta with fun enrichment activities can stop this bad behavior.

Other Signs of Boredom in Bettas

Other signs of boredom in bettas include color loss or lying on the bottom of the tank.

Your bored betta might stop greeting you when you come near the tank.

Bettas stressed out from boredom may attack you during feeding time or flare more often.

Can Betta Fish Learn Tricks?

Betta fish are very intelligent creatures. With a bit of time and patience, your betta can learn a few tricks.

Some betta owners teach their fish how to swim through hoops.

Another common trick is having the betta follow your finger through an obstacle course.

An easy trick is teaching your betta how to jump out of the water and take food from your finger.

If you teach this to your betta, ensure your tank lid is on when you’re not around. Otherwise, your betta might leap unsupervised and end up on your floor.

Fish training kits help you teach your betta a variety of tricks. But they are difficult to find.

Revisiting Our Top Picks for Betta Fish Toys

Our choice for the best overall betta toy is Zoo Med’s Floating Betta Exercise Mirror. This mirror provides your betta with mental and physical stimulation by letting it exhibit its natural behavior.

For older or less active bettas, the ALEGI Ceramic Betta Log provides the best hiding spot. This log won’t float to the top like some resing logs, and the unpainted ceramic is safe for your betta.

If you like giving your betta live food but hate the mess, our top pick is Lee’s 4-Way Cone Worm Feeder. these cones prevent blood worms and other live foods from sinking or getting pulled into the filter intake.

Frequently Asked Questions About Toys for Betta Fish

How can I keep my betta fish entertained?

Aim to spend at least five minutes a day interacting with your betta. Place fun toys and decorations in the aquarium so your betta doesn’t get bored when you’re not around.

Betta fish are naturally curious about their surroundings. Adding live plants and hiding spots gives your betta new places to explore.

Consider rearranging your betta tank every once in a while. This gives your betta new places to investigate and prevents boredom.

What do I play with my betta fish?

Using exercise mirrors and laser pointers is the easiest way of interacting and bonding with your betta.

If you have the time and patience, teach your betta a trick or two. No matter what you decide, limit the playtime with your betta to five minutes at a time.

Overstimulating your betta can lead to stress and unwanted behavior.

Are there any toys not safe for betta fish?

Never give your betta toys you have not inspected first. Toys with small holes, sharp points, or rough edges create dangerous hazards for your fish.

Choose natural items when possible, and avoid toys with lots of paint. Paint does not hold up well underwater and eventually flakes off.

Bettas like using their mouths to inspect objects. Avoid giving your betta anything you consider unsafe for nibbling.

How often should I change my betta fish’s toys?

Betta toys can accumulate algae just as much as anything else in your tank. But, some toys are good breeding grounds for beneficial bacteria.

It’s always a good idea to clean your betta’s toys around once per month.

If your betta seems bored, consider rearranging the aquarium occasionally. This gives your betta a new environment and keeps it entertained.

Will having toys for my betta fish affect their behavior or health in any way?

Adding toys and decorations to the aquarium keeps your betta happy and healthy. Enrichment activities reduce stress, which helps your betta’s immune system stay strong.

The only issue with toys is overstimulation. Limiting play sessions prevents this problem. If your betta dislikes an item in its tank, remove it.

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