wesley oaks founder of betta fish bay in a pet store

Wesley Oaks

Founder of Betta Fish Bay



  • Founder of Betta Fish Bay, a dedicated resource for betta fish care.
  • Expertise in helping new aquarium enthusiasts get started.
  • Blends research with firsthand experience to deliver comprehensive betta fish care guides.


Wesley Oaks is more than just the founder of Betta Fish Bay. With a genuine passion for betta fish care, he seeks to blend meticulous research with his firsthand experience to serve budding aquarium enthusiasts.

Wesley understands the nuances and challenges that come with setting up your first aquarium. His mission? To make Betta Fish Bay the ultimate resource for those who want to embrace the joy of owning and caring for betta fish.

When he’s not engrossed in the world of aquatic life, Wesley enjoys quality time with his kids and delves into the realm of video games.


While Wesley holds a high school diploma, it’s his hands-on experience and relentless pursuit of knowledge in betta fish care that makes him a trusted voice in the field.

About Betta Fish Bay

Betta Fish Bay is your premier destination for all things betta fish and aquarium care. Focused on providing thoroughly researched, evidence-based guidance, we aim to simplify the world of aquatics for newcomers eager to delve into this enchanting hobby.

We ensure that every piece of content undergoes rigorous scrutiny by our Aquatic Review Board, ensuring accuracy and trustworthiness. Discover more about our dedication, ethos, and meticulous editorial process.

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