6-Gallon Betta Tank: Is It the Best Choice for You?

Online research for an appropriate-sized betta tank gives you a ton of results. You may even see a lot of recommendations for a 6-gallon betta tank.

Six-gallon betta tanks are gaining popularity among betta fish enthusiasts. These tanks bridge the gap between having a compact aquarium setup and providing your betta plenty of space.

But with so many choices, how do you know which 6-gallon tank is right for you?

In this article, I will provide an overview of one of the most popular betta tank options, the Fluval Edge 6-gallon aquarium kit.

I will also give details on buying a 6-gallon tank and answer some commonly asked questions about this tank size for a betta.

Overview of the Fluval Edge 6-Gallon Aquarium Kit

6 gallon betta tank product

Fluval is a well-known aquarium brand. In 1975, Fluval introduced the first 3-stage aquarium filter with synchronous motor technology.

Since then, the Fluval company has grown to include aquarium tanks, heaters, and food products for fish.

The Fluval Edge 6-gallon aquarium has the unique feature of 360° degrees of viewing. This feature sets it apart from other aquariums and makes your betta visible from almost every possible angle.

Its sleek design includes an enclosed glass top with a recessed stand for a floating tank effect. While the enclosed design prevents your betta from jumping out, it has some drawbacks.

A small 4″x4″ inch opening on the glass top is the only way to the inside of the tank. This makes the initial setup and weekly cleaning a challenge.

You must also leave an inch or two of extra space between the water’s surface and the glass top. This allows your betta to use its labyrinth organ for breathing air.

A small door in the filtration system makes feeding your betta more convenient.

The Fluval Edge 6-gallon aquarium kit comes with several betta tank essentials, such as:

  • LED lighting
  • Multi-stage filtration system
  • Filter media
  • One 30mL bottle of water conditioner
  • Two 30mL bottles of biological enhancer

An adjustable aquarium heater is the only thing missing from this complete setup. Your betta needs consistent temperatures between 78-80 degrees Fahrenheit.

I recommend a 30W submersible aquarium heater like this one for even heating of your entire tank. This heater model is small enough for the Fluval Edge 6-gallon tank setup.

Pros and Cons


  • 360°-degree viewing angle
  • LED lighting
  • Excellent filtration system
  • The unique design is different from other aquariums


  • Small opening for setup/maintenance
  • The filter is too strong for a betta
  • Does not include an aquarium heater

Things To Consider Before Buying a 6-Gallon Betta Tank

is 6 gallon betta tank enough

Before buying a 6-gallon tank, you must consider the long-term needs of you and your betta.

A 6-gallon tank offers plenty of space for a single betta.

But, if you want a community tank setup, you need a larger tank.

A 10-gallon aquarium is a better choice for tank mates like nano catfish. A long, 20-gallon tank is the best option for a female betta sorority or schooling tank mates like neon tetras.

Learn more about the 20-gallon tanks we like best here.

You must also consider the space needed for live plants and tank decorations.

Live plants create a more natural environment for your betta. They also add visual interest to your aquarium setup.

You may also choose fake plants if they are made of silk. Plastic plants have sharp edges and may injure your betta’s delicate fins.

Decorations like small rocks and coconut caves provide hiding spots for your betta. Bettas need these hiding spots for added security.

Avoid abrasive rocks or any decorations with coarse textures.

Betta fish are native to shallow waters, so the depth of your tank is also important. Bettas usually swim to the surface for air and feed near the tank’s top.

The maximum depth of a betta tank is around 12 inches. Adding 2″ inches of aquarium gravel helps close the substrate and surface gap.

You must also consider the space available for a betta tank in your home.

A 6-gallon tank is great because it fits in much smaller spaces than a larger tank.

Ensure you have a sturdy spot for your betta tank. Avoid placing the tank on flimsy bookshelves or other unstable surfaces.

The average weight of a freshwater aquarium is over 8 pounds per gallon, not including the gravel substrate and decorations.

Features and Benefits of the Fluval Edge 6-Gallon Aquarium Kit

features of fluval 6 gallon betta aquarium

Integrated LED Lighting

The integrated LED lights in the Fluval Edge 6-gallon aquarium kit include 21 lights. These lights produce approximately 347 lumens of lighting output.

This type of lighting works well with low-light aquarium plants, such as:

  • Anubias
  • African water fern
  • Java moss
  • Java fern
  • Hornwort
  • Brazilian pennywort

The LED lights provide 120 degrees of light dispersion. But, some users complain about not getting enough light for their plants in this setup.

If you have issues with plant growth or want other plant varieties, you may add a different lighting setup.

According to Fluval’s website, the LED lighting system for the 12-gallon Edge tank is compatible with the 6-gallon Edge tank.

The lighting system for the 12-gallon Fluval Edge includes 42 total LED lights with an output of 560 lumens.

Both LED lighting systems have a light temperature of 6,500 Kelvins. This mimics natural sunlight.

Day and Night Lighting Modes

The LED lights on the Fluval Edge 6-gallon aquarium kit have three modes: day, night, and off.

You may change the lighting modes with a simple switch mechanism.

Daytime lighting is white, and nighttime lighting is a dark blue color. These lighting modes offer your betta a smooth transition between daytime and evening light.

Always ensure you turn the lights off at night. Leaving the nighttime lights on may interfere with your betta’s sleep cycle.

Turn the room lights on before turning on your betta’s tank lights. This prevents startling your betta with bright tank lights.

You may consider installing a light timer if you have trouble remembering to turn the lights off at night.

This particular lighting system has a memory in case of a power interruption. For example, if the daytime lights are on when power gets interrupted, those lights return when power is restored.

Multi-Stage Filtration System with Adjustable Flow

Many betta aquarium kits come with sub-par filtration systems. But, this is not the case with the Fluval Edge 6-gallon aquarium kit.

The filtration system in this kit includes mechanical, biological, and chemical filter media. This allows filtration for debris, bacteria, and chemical toxins like ammonia.

You also receive two bottles of Nutrafin Cycle, a biological filter media supplement. The supplement includes beneficial bacteria for supporting a healthy nitrogen cycle.

Adjustable settings allow you to control the water current produced by the filter.

Bettas need a slow-moving current because their flowy fins make swimming difficult.

Consider adding a filter sponge if the current is too strong for your betta.

The location of the filter system allows for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Unique 6-Sided Glass Design

The unique six-sided glass design of the Fluval Edge 6-gallon aquarium sets it apart from other tank setups.

Bettas are escape artists who may jump out of a tank without a lid. The Fluval Edge solves this problem with a seamless glass top built into the aquarium.

This feature has mixed reviews.

The glass top offers superb viewing angles of your betta tank.

But, because of the small opening in the top, setup and cleaning are challenging.

You must also leave a small gap between the water’s surface and the glass top, so your betta can breathe air.

A magnetic algae scraper helps you keep the glass sides and top clean. The scraper is also useful for removing condensation from the top glass.

Ventilated Hood

vent betta tank 6 gallons

The Fluval Edge 6-gallon aquarium features a ventilated hood.

This ventilation allows for adequate fresh air circulation. It also lets a small amount of heat escape.

Ventilation is important for a betta tank.

Without proper ventilation, your betta would not have access to fresh airflow.

Live aquatic plants produce oxygen during daylight. But at night, the plants emit carbon dioxide.

Ventilation prevents this carbon dioxide from building up in the water.

If there is insufficient oxygen in the water, your betta will suffocate. You may see your betta swimming to the surface and gasping for air when oxygen levels are low.

It is also crucial for a small amount of heat to escape the aquarium. This prevents condensation and stagnant water.

Quick-Access Feeding Door

The Fluval Edge 6-gallon aquarium comes equipped with a quick-access feeding door.

This feeding door means you do not have to remove the filter when feeding your betta.

The feeding door spans the width of the filtration system.

It offers plenty of room for feeding your betta, whether using pellets or live foods.

But, you must still remove the filter system when it is time to remove leftover food. The filter system covers only access into the tank.

Removing leftover food prevents water contamination and helps keep the tank clean.

You may avoid this hassle by not overfeeding your betta. A proper meal for a betta is 2-4 pellets when feeding your fish twice daily.

Elevated and Recessed Base

An elevated and recessed base supports the Fluval Edge 6-gallon aquarium.

The base does interfere with viewing your betta and creates the illusion of a floating aquarium.

This sleek and modern design differs from most aquariums with flat bases and open tops.

Even though maintenance is a bit of a challenge, the looks of the Fluval Edge 6-gallon aquarium make it a statement piece in any home.

What Others Say About the Fluval Edge 6-Gallon Aquarium Kit

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Frequently Asked Questions About 6-Gallon Betta Tanks

Are 6 gallons enough for a betta?

A 6-gallon tank offers enough room for a single betta fish, live plants, and decorations.

Avoid overcrowding your betta tank with too many decorations. Keep this in mind when setting up your betta tank. Your betta needs plenty of swimming space to thrive and stay healthy.

If you want a heavily-planted tank with many decorations, consider getting a larger 10-gallon tank instead.

What can live with a betta in a 6-gallon tank?

betta tank mates 6 gallon

There is not enough room in a 6-gallon betta tank for other fish like rasboras or corydoras catfish. But there are several options for much smaller tank mates for your betta in a 6-gallon tank.

Some excellent tank mate options for a smaller betta tank include:

– Cherry shrimp
– Amano shrimp
– Mystery snails
– Nerite snails

Be mindful of how many small tank mates you place in a 6-gallon aquarium. More aquatic life means more of a bioload on your filtration system.

Your betta may enjoy a shrimp snack from time to time, but this helps keep your shrimp population manageable.

Mystery snails are a bit larger than nerite snails. Due to its size, I recommend only one mystery snail in a 6-gallon tank. As a bonus, snails and shrimp help remove algae from your tank.

Check out our complete list of great algae eaters to add to your betta tank.

What is the smallest tank for a betta?

The minimum recommended-sized tank for bettas is 5 gallons. Placing your betta in a tank smaller than 5 gallons reduces the fish’s lifespan.

Smaller tanks are more difficult to keep clean. Achieving a proper nitrogen cycle is almost impossible in a tank smaller than 5 gallons.

Your betta would be much happier and healthier in a 5-gallon tank or larger.

The Low-Down on 6-Gallon Betta Tanks

A 6-gallon tank is perfect for both beginner and experienced betta owners.

These smaller tanks take up less space while giving your betta plenty of room to thrive.

There are several options on the market, but the Fluval Edge 6-gallon aquarium kit offers almost everything you need for your betta. Just add an aquarium heater, and you are good to go!

The stylish design of the Fluval Edge 6-gallon aquarium makes up for the small challenges in setup and maintenance.

Check out the Fluval Edge 6-gallon tank here if you want one for your betta.

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